The New and Better Way to Secure Your Home

When you buy an alarm system from HomeSecure, it's yours to keep. Our alarm systems are of the latest generation. By utilizing with the newest technology, we have created the ultimate security solution for securing your home. A seamless Wi-Fi and mobile data based App experience with endless possiblities for integration with other smart devices such as Smart Plugs, Philips Hue Lights, Nest, Amazon Alexa and more.

Smart Hub

The Smart Hub uses both Wi-Fi and cellular network (requires SIM-card) to communicate with users - offering a secure and stable connection even in situations of power outages or Wi-Fi connection issues.

Smart Hub
  • Wireless Communication

    No more ugly cables. With nearly all components working entirely wirelessly, there's no need to hide long obtrusive cables.

    Easy to Install

    Installing an alarm system has never been this easy, thanks to the wireless communication technology used between the accessories and the Smart Hub.

  • Neighborhood Watch

    Experience shows that you get faster help from neighbors, friends and family than from an emergency center.

    Free App

    You control who should be alerted and how, for example, via SMS, phone calls, by push notification, or even email.

  • Full control

    You set everything from the alarm siren time, entry/exit delay, to automatic timers, and which sensors should be on during the night time. You also name the individual devices in the app so you can easily see what triggered the alarm. 


    You also name the system's individual devices in the app so you can easily see what triggered an alarm.

Backup battery
SIM-card slot

During a power outage the HomeSecure security system alerts you of the situation and secures your home for up to 12 hours utilising the built-in backup battery.

No Wi-Fi? No problem. Should you prefer not to use a Wi-Fi network, you can put a SIM card inside the Smart Hub, allowing it to send data directly to your mobile device over the mobile network. For maximum reliability, we recommend using both the Wi-Fi network and a SIM-card as backup.

  • Smart Hub

    Place the Smart Hub in a central location, preferrably in close proximity to the router for a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection.

    The Smart Hub is equipped with a powerful 93dB built-in siren, and a backup battery in case of a power outage.

  • Motion Sensors

    PIR-motion sensors detect movement. The ideal location for motion sensors is in corners, facing the interior of your home.

    HomeSecure motion detectors use a dual-sensor technology, making them highly efficient and completely pet-friendly.

  • Entry Sensors

    HomeSecure entry sensors consist of two separate parts; a sender and magnet.

    Despite being rather simple, they offer perhaps the most effective way to secure doors and windows. As they say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

    Our entry sensors are very easy and quick to mount on any entry point, be it a window or a door, using strong double sided tape.

Monitor Your Home
From Anywhere

Live Stream
You can wiew the HD live stream through the App on your mobile device from anywhere, as long as your phone has mobile data or a Wi-Fi connection.

Receive Alerts
Receive notifications to your phone when the camera detects motion, and receive still images to directly to your email.

Easy To Use

Never before has it been so simple and easy to operate your home security system. The HomeSecure alarm system offers various methods to easily change the activation mode of your alarm. Use the remote controls, keypads, RFID tags, or the mobile App.

Draw Attention.

An essential function of an alarm system is to prevent intrusions from occuring by showing that the home is secured. That is exactly what the HomeSecure system does. Moreover, should the alarm system be triggered, then the outdoor siren will draw attention from the surrouding area, thus limiting the time an intruder spends inside and minimizing damage.

Mobile App

The HomeSecure App is packed with useful functions such as changing alarm modes, viewing the IP camera livestream, accessing and editing system settings, viewing event logs, and much more.

Mobile App
  • Always Connected

    With the HomeSecure alarm system you and your family are always connected to your home and eachother. View the device and live stream directly from your pocket.

    Instant Alerts

    Receive in-App alerts; from power outages, when an alarm is triggered form any sensor, when your children get home from school, when the alarm status is changed, and more.

  • Intuitive & Easy

    Simple, easy, and intuitive design makes this the ideal alarm system and App for users of all ages.

    Camera in same App

    Now you can have the IP-camera in the same App as your alarm system. Quick-switch to view the live-stream of your IP-camera.

  • Completely Free

    The HomeSecure App is 100% free to use. The same system can be shared and controlled by up to 5 devices.

Built to Last

The HomeSecure alarm system components are built using high quality and robust materials offering great durability and protection from damage.

Sound the Alarm

The wireless and waterproof outdoor strobe siren deters intruders and draws attention with its powerful 105dB siren.